The SaddleBar® opens up a new world of exercise and position options for indoor cyclists.

  • Build

    A 100% aluminum build strong enough for the cyclist to sit back and safely push or pull against.

  • Variety

    The SaddleBar® has multiple threaded slots for handlebars to be easily and securely inserted. Resistance bands can be inserted to allow for simultaneous upper body exercises while riding.

  • Safety

    Strong build and new hand positions allow for safe adjustments to reduce stress on back and neck.

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A new invention from an experienced and certified indoor cycling instructor

Created by a cyclist for cyclists.

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Michael DoonerCEO + INVENTOR

Introducing the SaddleBar®
Cycle Fitness Program.

The SaddleBar® opens up dozens of exercises that can be performed during a cycling workout. By combining upper body and core exercises with the cycling, a new level of intensity is unlocked, activating a much larger range of muscle groups than just cycling alone. The SaddleBar® Cycle Fitness Program is available to all cycling classes or can be done at home.

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It completely transformed my cycling workout into a full body workout, which is what i’ve always been looking for.
SaddleBar® Test User | Pittsburgh, PA