Saddlebar® Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SaddleBar® cycle utility bar fit on any indoor cycle ?
The SaddleBar® cycle utility bar will install on any indoor cycle that has a vertical seat-post. This constitutes more than 90% of all spin style indoor cycles. There will be a SaddleBar® version for all upright indoor cycles in 2017.
Does the SaddleBar® cycle utility bar come with a warranty ?
The SaddleBar® cycle utility bar has a standard six month warranty for material failure as a result of its intended use on an indoor cycle.
Will the SaddleBar® cycle utility bar need to be re-installed every time you wish to use it ?
The SaddleBar® cycle utility bar is installed one time only and remains a fixed part of the cycle.
Note: the attachments may be removed from the SaddleBar® after each use.
Does the SaddleBar® prevent any adjustments to the seat (height or fore/aft) after installation ?
After installation, the SaddleBar® does not impact any seat adjustments.
Are resistance exercise bands included with the purchase of the SaddleBar® and are they latex-free ?
Yes indeed – there are two sets of latex-free resistance bands included with every purchase of the SaddleBar®. The SaddleBar® Team wants to ensure everyone has the ability to begin their total body workouts ‘right out of the box’.
After installation, does the SaddleBar® handlebars stick out beyond the width of the cycle ?
The SaddleBar® handlebars are designed to remain within the ‘footprint’ of indoor cycles.
Does the SaddleBar® have any moving parts and how much time is needed to install the SaddleBar® ?
The SaddleBar® has no moving parts and the average installation time is about five minutes.
Can the SaddleBar® and its attachments be ordered separately ?
Yes, the SaddleBar® cycle utility bar as well as any parts or attachment can be ordered separately.
What is the SaddleBar® cycle utility bar made out of and where will it be manufactured ?
The SaddleBar® cycle utility bar is “Made in the U.S.A.” from solid high quality aircraft grade aluminum.
What charities will The SaddleBar® Team be supporting ?
The SaddleBar® Team will be supporting numerous charities throughout time with the most current charities list available on its website
Will there be videos available to demonstrate how to use resistance bands while cycling ?
Yes – there will be numerous “How To” videos made available to demonstrate the proper technique of various upper body exercises that are available when using resistance bands attached to the SaddleBar® cycle utility bar.